A downloadable Library for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This is a very simple library that is supposed to help you make a platform game easier in Processing.

Unfortunately I had not nearly enough time to even slightly finish this off, and I will add a lot of features over the time, so right now there is practically no benefit to use it. But still, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it out.

Current features (will change a lot over time):

  • Player class:
    • position, velocity and acceleration vectors
    • update and display functions
    • collision function to check if it has collided with a platform
  • Platform class:
    • update and display functions
  • vec function to create PVectors more easily

Planned features:

  • Player class:
    • actually collide with platforms instead of just changing the color
    • use images instead of just rectangles
  • Platform class:
    • moving platforms
    • trigger events when standing on top (like jump boost)
  • General:
    • 3D (with 2D movement)
    • 3D (with 3D movement)
    • pixel perfect collision detection (as shown here)


Install instructions

This is not a usual library.

I don't know yet how to make a real one so you just have to deal with it. Put the .pde file in your sketch folder and everything will work. You can look at the example sketch to see everything you can do with it, and (obviously) at the source code too since it is simply another processing file.

Thank you for trying this out and I hope you like it at least a little bit.


Platformer Library 1 kB
Example Sketch 2 kB


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Cool :D

Please comment any questions, suggestions or anything you like here.